Hi, I'm Hayden Synan

More info about myself

Choosing mathematics had not been the dream I've constantly from my childhood, it was once suggested to me during 6th form and after some investigation I understood I was ready. Although I have succeeded in maths I have actually had to strive very hard and be very figured out. My motivation originates from the love and also passion I have for the topic. This is what I intend to convey through my mentor and also convince children that they don't need to be naturally brilliant to do the best in examinations and A degrees. You simply have to be passionate about the subject which influences you, to put your head down and strive. With this positive attitude, improvements can be made easily which is just how I desire to enhance my student's work with support and the belief that they can get to the top with concentration and research study.

What fosters me to work hard is the complete satisfaction of finishing a concern that you have actually fought with or have had to go through a long procedure to obtain the response. To sum up, I enjoy trouble resolving and also getting a much deeper understanding for points that I'm interested in. To me there is an elegance in mathematics that originates from the fact that every little thing fits together so perfectly and that challenging points could be streamlined with general formulas that make challenging theories or ideas understandable or at least less complicated to comprehend.